We identify key concepts to create compelling
visual images and presentations that persuade your audience.

Our background in consumer marketing gives us a clear understanding of your audience and allows us to interpret your message with easy-to-understand visuals. We know the importance of not only entertaining an audience, but also leaving a lasting impact.

Our goal at LegalArsenal is to create relevant graphics so you can effectively present a compelling argument. Because every case is different, we customize our graphics to best support your needs. We also value the idea of maintaining visual consistency so your audience processes and retains vital information.

Categories we create (but not limited to):

  • Charts
  • Graphs
  • Interactive Injury Summary Presentations
  • Timelines
  • Process & Flow Charts
  • Pain & Suffering Charts
  • Call-Outs
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Accident Scene Diagrams
  • Complex Matters
  • Illustrations
  • Overlays and transparencies

The animation Tom and his team delivered was startling in its realism, it made you feel like you were actually at the scene. Upon viewing the animation in mediation, the reaction from the defense was jaw-dropping. Needless to say, there was a swift –and very satisfying- settlement for my client. LegalArsenal played an integral role in this case and I am most thankful. Our firm will continue using Tom and his LegalArsenal team on future cases.

Michael S. Feldman, Esq.
Jacoby & Meyers
Newburgh, NY


Interactive Flow Chart

Interactive Infographic Map

Photographic Alteration

Accident Scene Diagrams

Construction Illustrations

Interactive Timelines

Comparative Scientific Study

Magnetic Boards & Illustrations

Charts & Graphs

Interactive Tutorials

Scientific Demonstration