It's all about visual strategy.

By working with you at the earliest stages of your case, LegalArsenal can develop a clear and easy-to-understand strategy for your audience. We analyze the key information and generate a variety of ideas and suggestions to determine the best overall strategy to be visually impactful.

For boards and animations, it can be as simple as emailing records and images. But since all cases are unique, there are variations in the process for each product you choose.

Our process usually works like this:
1. Tell Us About Your Visual Objective
We can either meet in person or discuss the case by phone. We never charge for an initial consultation so call us at: (888) 334-0430
2. Send the Case Elements
Elements may include expert reports, transcripts, accident photos, and any other pertinent elements related to the case.

3. Get an Estimate
Once we review all the case materials, we’ll give you an estimated cost and deliver a proposal with suggested exhibits. We will also include a timetable.
4. Production Begins
Once we receive your signed proposal with a deposit (usually 50% of the total estimate), we begin production.
5. See the Work-In-Progress
At every stage of production, we will show you how we’re developing your exhibit. This will enable you to offer input as well as approve every step in the process.
6. Receive the Final Exhibit
Depending upon the medium requested, your final exhibit can be downloaded from our website, or delivered by courier, FedEx, and/or emailed to you.

I want to thank you again for the accident reconstruction animation you created. It was clear that it made a lasting impression. Several members even approached me afterwards to comment on the powerful impact of the animation. Knowing how effective your products have been in the past, I had no doubt that your company would produce a top quality animation.

Steven Benvenisti, Esq.
Davis, Saperstein & Salomon, P.C.
Teaneck, NJ