Our photo-realistic animations place the viewer
at the scene to witness your story

Animations will make your evidence presentation effective and successful in the courtroom, mediation or settlement meeting.

Our animation also serves as an educational tool, as a source of images for interactive trial graphics, or as a companion to expert testimony at trial. Our animation clearly presents the most important facts to your audience.

Our samples demonstrate our expertise in presenting a variety styles. From technologically intricate medical animations to photorealistic models and accident re-creations, we create animations aimed at both engaging and persuading your audience.

Our animation services include the following:

  • Models in motion, illustrating how a product works
  • Scene re-enactments and events re-created
  • Medical or device cross-sections
  • 3-D illustrations to accurately depict detailed information
  • Tutorial animations that educate your audience about a product or process. These are commonly created for pre-trial hearings such as Markman hearings.

We can also format any of these examples to be completely interactive in the courtroom. With a click of a mouse, you retain control over the information you want to present.


My firm has come to rely on LegalArsenal for a number of our evidentiary needs. The input and expertise they provide is essential to making our cases stronger. Their work is visually impressive with reasonable costs to boot. I give Tom and his team my full confidence.

Andrew G. Finkelstein, Esq.
Managing Partner
Finkelstein & Partners
Newburgh, NY

Pedestrian Knockdown with Injury Summary

Dyke Wall Structure, Malfunction

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Medical Malpractice – Brain Aneurysm Burst, Coiling Procedure

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John Doe v. Metro Police Dept.

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Pedestrian Knockdown – Poor Lighting